The APIPD association

A quality oriented sharp management by its President Jenny HIPPOCRATE-FIXY, ensures a firmly structured Association, with a Board of Directors composed of 15 members, a Scientific Committee composed of 27 members of health professionals, experts in Sickle Cell Disease (e.g.: the Professors Frédéric GALACTEROS and Robert GIROT). The Association has 7,000 subscribers and sympathisers and collaborates amongst others with the HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé/High Autority of Health), the MNH (Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers et des Personnels de santé/Mutual National of Caregivers), Paris City Hall, the Île-de-France Region, the Ministry of the Overseas Departments
Members of various organizations as the Rare Diseases Alliance, the FMH (Fédération française des Maladies de l’Hémoglobine/French Federation of Hemoglobin Diseases), EURORDIS, the EORA (European Organization for Rare Anemias), the Association benefits from efficient advices and data to be able now more than ever to fight ceaselessly to support the patients, their families and the research.

The APIPD has chosen a family and framed mode of operation. It organizes regular meetings for actions.