An association, a fight: The APIPD

The APIPD, it’s a team!

APIPD is an Association of General Interest, governed by the 1901 law, approved by the ARS (Agence Régionale de Santé/Regional Agency of Health) to represent the users of hospital or public health facilities.
It has been created on November 28th, in 1988 and has over 360 active members in metropolitan France, more than 100 in the French overseas Departments and more than 2,500 all around the world.

  • The APIPD, an association that belongs to the people!
  • It is close to you, on the field by your side!
  • It sits in different institutions!
  • It listens to sick people and health professionals!
  • It comforts and reassures the sick people and their families!
  • It takes criticism into account!